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Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd.

Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd. Official Distributor
cooling fan, motorcooling fan, motor

Cooling fan (AC fan, DC fan, CPU Cooler), Servo motor, Stepping motor, UPS, etc.

Here is an introduction to products from SANYO DENKI Co., LTD, including AC fan motors, DC fan motors, various cooling fans such as waterproof fans, oil-proof fans and low-vibration fans, servomotors and servo systems, stepper motors and stepper systems, and UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) apparatuses.
As an exclusive distributor, we carry all products from SANYO DENKI. As for their general-purpose cooling fans, we have the largest stock in the country and are able to provide fast delivery times.

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SANYO Airflow Tester catalog 

Cooling fan (AC fan, DC fan, CPU Cooler)

A cooling fan is widely used to extend life of your system by cooling off heat of the system that many electrical components are mounted in a very high density and dissipating heat.
Since SANYO DENKI developed "San Ace" which is the first AC fan in Japan in 1965, we have increased fan motor lineup until now meeting customer's needs rapidly based on our tremendous career.

SANYO DENKI will continue to develop new fans with high airflow, low noise, low vibration, and energy-saving design.

Low vibration fan motor

Low vibration fan motor
Low vibration fan motor: CRE, GE

Delivering high air flow while reducing vibration

A series of low-vibration fans that provide high air flow while reducing vibration, which can be used as cooling fans for servers, storage systems, communications equipment, and various industrial equipment.

Vibration is reduced by 50% compared with conventional products.
Employing an aluminum frame, these fan motors provide high air flow while reducing vibration.

Silent Fan

Silent Fan
Silent Fan: 9S series

Cooling fan that decrease noise and vibration

Sound pressure levels reduced by a maximum of 6db. (At maximum air flow under equal air flow – static pressure characteristics)
Vibration reduced by 50%.
Largely reduced switching noise
(Compared with conventional Sanyo Denki products)

DC12V, available in four sizes: 60mm square × 25mm thickness, 80mm square × 25mm thickness, 92mm square × 25mm thickness, 120mm square × 25mm thickness

Long Life Fan

Long Life Fan
Long Life Fan: 40L series

40mm square size fans with expected life of 100,000 hours

40mm square by 28mm thickness, high-longevity fan motors achieving an expected life of 100,000 hours.
Their expected life is increased by 25% compared with conventional Sanyo Denki products. (Speed J product)

We have fans with an expected life of 200,000 hours in other sizes.

Splash Proof Fan

Splash Proof Fan
Splash Proof Fan: 109WG series

Cooling fan of IP54 and IP55 waterproof capability
60mm sq. to φ172mm.

Waterproof fan motors with resistance to dust and waterproof properties under exposure to direct water jets (IP55)
These are compatible with environments in which the cooling fan is exposed to dust and direct water jets, such as with outdoor-installed equipment and food machinery.

Expected life: 100,000 hours (in indoor environment) *Speeds H, F, M
(60°C, 90% survival rate, rated voltage, continuous operation under free air conditions)
120mm square × 38 mm thickness, rated voltage: DC12V, DC24V, DC48V
Method of motor protection: current blocking system (with reverse polarity protection function)
Dielectric strength: AC50/60Hz 500V 1 minute (between lead conductor and frame)
Service temperature range: -10°C to +70°C (without condensation)

Other cooling fan motors

Various cooling fan motors
Various cooling fan motors cooling fan motors

Various AC cooling fan motors
Various sizes ranging from 60mm square × 28mm thickness to 172φ × 51mm thickness
Rated voltage: AC100V, AC115V, AC120V, AC200V, AC230V, AC240V
Frame: Die-cast aluminum
We have standard stock with various sizes and voltages.

Various DC cooling fan motors
Various sizes ranging from 40mm square × 10mm thickness to 200φ × 70mm thickness
Rated voltage: DC5V, DC12V, DC21V, DC24V, DC48V
Frame: Resin mold, Die-cast aluminum

At our company, we have standard stock of AC and DC motors encompassing a wide range of sizes and voltages, comprising the largest stock in the country.

AC cooling fan Stock listAC cooling fan Stock list

DC cooling fan Stock listDC cooling fan Stock list

Fan Accessories Stock listFan Accessories Stock list

Airflow Tester

Airflow Tester

Airflow Tester
Airflow Tester

Enables the selection of the optimal fan for a device

An optimal fan for a device can be selected by entering accurate measurement results into thermal design simulation software.

Compact and lightweight
With a compact design and weight of approximately 6 kg, it is portable enough to measure immobile equipment.

Measurement Functions

System Impedance
Measurement of the resistance to the flow of air within a device
Operating Airflow
Measurement of the actual airflow that passes through a device when a fan is mounted
P-Q Performance
Measurement of airflow versus static pressure characteristics*
*: Performance curve that illustrates the characteristics of a fan for use within a certain system.
It shows the relationship between airflow and static pressure.

SANYO Airflow Tester catalog

Stepping motor

Stepping motor

Closed loop stepping systems SANMOTION model No.PB
Hybrid system combining the ease-of-use of stepping motors with the reliability of servomotors.

2-phase stepping system SANMOTION F2
SANMOTION F2 is a 2-phase stepping system that provides precise positioning with simple control.
The typical basic step angle is 1.8°, with accurate control by pulse signals.

3-phase stepping systems SANMOTION F3
SANMOTION F3 is a 3-phase stepping system that provides precise positioning with simple control.
The typical basic step angle is 1.2°, precisely controlled by pulse signals.

5-phase stepping systems SANMOTION F5
SANMOTION F5 is a five-phase stepping system that provides precise positioning with simple control.
The typical basic step angle is 0.72°, precisely controlled by pulse signals.

Servo motor

Servo motor

AC Servo systems SANMOTION R
High performance AC servo motor.
High Acceleration, High Torque Medium Inertia, Low Inertia 220 mm sq. Motor.

AC Servo systems SANMOTION S
AC Servo Systems consisting of AC spindle motors and AC servo amplifiers.
Ideal for machine tools that require high-precision synchronized tapping with the feed shaft, they contribute to improving the productivity of equipment.

DC Servo systems SANMOTION T
Simplified Setup Process for Optimum Operating Conditions.
Improved Systems Precision and Shortened Cycle Time
Curtailed Running Cost

DC Servo systems SANMOTION K
The SANMOTION K DC servo motors achieve smooth operation, high efficiency, and low noise.
These motors are suitable for applications requiring high precision, including precision measuring instruments and medical equipment.

Motion controller SANMOTION C
The SANMOTION C has the three functions of motion control, robot control, and sequence control and makes it easy to build a variety of application systems.



E11A series
UPS: E11A series

Conversion efficiency has reached 95%.

This represents a 4% improvement over previous products (comparison performed at 1kVA).
The Hybrid type SANUPS E11A automatically selects the most effifi cient mode of operation for any given power condition.


Other products

All other products by Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd.

Other than the products mentioned above, we carry all products from SANYO DENKI, including four types of linear servo systems: core, coreless, cylinder, and magnetic attraction offset; sensors such as optical absolute sensors and wire-saving incremental sensors, power conditioners for solar power generation systems, and inverters for converting DC power into stable AC power.

Regarding general-purpose cooling fans in particular, we have the largest stock of both AC and DC fans in the country and respond to requests for fast delivery times.

* Custom products manufactured according to customer (user) specification may not be sold to other customers (users).

About Sanyo Denki

Sanyo Denki started producing small AC motors, small DC motors, and power supplies for electronic communication equipment in 1932, and currently produces various types of cooling fan, power conditioners for photovoltaic power generation systems, uninterruptible power supplies, AC servo systems, DC servo systems, stepping systems, etc.

Sanyo Denki's cooling fans are used widely, from industrial plant to state-of-the-art medical equipment, for the purpose of forced air-cooling of the heat generated by high-density mounted electronic devices, dissipating the heat, and extending the life of electronic systems.

Since launching "San Ace", the first AC fan in Japan, in 1965, and based on that achievement, we have responded to our customers' needs promptly, and have to date developed a rich lineup. In addition to various types of general-use cooling fans, the standard product lineup that make up Sanyo Denki's San Ace series includes original products for special applications, such as waterproof fans, long-life fans, oil proof fans, G proof fans, reversible fans, etc.

The SANMOTION series is a series of various servo systems that take advantage of the motor control technology cultivated at Sanyo Denki over many years.

It has a wide range of products including AC servo systems, DC servo systems, 5-phase stepping systems, 2-phase stepping systems, 3-phase stepping systems, and linear driven stepping systems that are used in a variety of fields, such as industrial robots, machine tools, machining centers, injection molding machines, food packaging equipment and cutting machine, chip mounters, semiconductor-related equipment, medical equipment, analyzing/inspection equipment, ATMs, etc.

Sanyo Denki manufactures a wide range of power supply systems as the SANUPS series, which includes power conditioners for photovoltaic power generation systems and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

Power conditioners for photovoltaic power generation systems range from small power conditioners for residential systems to large power conditioners with rated output of 100kW for large-scale solar power plants.

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) products are also available for all applications, from 0.35kVA output capacity (single-phase 2-wire) to 600kVA output capacity (3-phase 4-wire).

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