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Cables by Hitachi Metals, Ltd. (Hitachi Cable) and Other Cables

UL compliant wire cables, Micro miniature multi-coaxial cables, Robot cables, Coaxial Cables, Power cables, Cable assemblies, etc.

Introduction of cable manufacturers such as Hitachi Cable and Hirakawa Hewtech Corp., etc., as well as products such as wire cables compliant with various UL Standards, flat cables, wiring devices, robot cables, micro miniature multi-coaxial cables, etc.

Hitachi Metals

Hitachi Cable: Various UL compliant wire cables, wire cables compliant with domestic standards, etc.

Micro miniature multi-coaxial cables
Micro miniature multi-coaxial cables for medical equipment (for assembly)

UL compliant interface cables
UL20276-SB(MA), 2990-SB(MA), UL20276-SX, 2854-SD, etc.

The cable connects the main body of ultrasound diagnostic equipment and the probe used for echographic investigation.
Thinner than a human hair, our copper alloy wire strands have superior strength and flexibility.

Robot cables
Extra-flexible cable RBT Type-1 for Signal circuits
Flexible cable RBT Type-2 for Power supply circuits
Flexible cable RBT Type-2 for Signal circuits

Cable assemblies

Hirakawa Hewtech

Power cords for domestic use, power cords for international use, power supply components, UL compliant insulated wires, high frequency transmission coaxial cables, etc.

power code etc.
Power cords etc.

Power cords for domestic use
2 prong, 2 prong polarized, medical power code, track resistant type, others, various power cords for domestic use

Power cords for international use
For North America, for China, others, various power cords for international use

Power supply components
3P inlet common to all countries, 2P inlet, others, various power supply components

Various insulated wires compliant with UL standards
Heat resistant vinyl cables, teflon insulated wires, PVC shield wires, others, various UL wires for electronic equipment

High frequency transmission coaxial cables
Various high frequency transmission coaxial cables and cable assemblies

Okano Cable

Optical fiber cables, optical-related products, LAN-related products, Peltier modules

Tonichi Kyosan Cable

Optical fiber cables, optical-related products, LAN-related products, Various insulated wires, etc.

Taiyo Cabletech

High performance cable, International standard cable, Multipurpose cable, etc.

Connector other than the above

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Main manufacturer and product


Cable and wire

Fan and motor


Transformer etc.


Electronic parts wholesale and retail mail order.
Electronic parts wholesale
and retail mail order.
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